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A.L. Baucom Family Farms is located in Monroe, NC, and we currently grow corn, wheat, soybeans, cotton, and peanuts. We also grow strawberries and other produce for Piedmont Produce General Store. Our operation covers 9,000 acres in both North and South Carolina. We utilize no-till conservation planting methods to protect and enhance the land that we farm. Double-cropping (planting and harvesting two crops in one season, such as winter wheat and then soybeans in the same field) allows us to plant and harvest about 14,000 acres each year.

In keeping with our conservation principles, every year we collect soil samples to determine fertility levels. These samples are analyzed and generate prescriptions for soil amendments and fertilizers. Variable-rate application allows us to tailor the prescription to each area of the field, applying only what is needed to maximize the yield. A.L. Baucom Family Farms uses the Falcon Soil Technologies system to collect soil samples. For more information about the soil sampling process, visit

Our combines, tractors, and applicators are equipped with GPS-based technology that controls and records fertilizer application rates, seed population rates, and yield monitoring. This technology also allows for auto-steering to reduce operator fatigue and improve efficiency. Data obtained from yield mapping allow our farm planners to make data-driven decisions about land use and improvements each year.