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More recently, A.L. Baucom Family Farms has started growing peanuts. Check out this drone footage of the 2017 Peanut Harvest on one of our peanut fields in South Carolina.

In this video, you will see our corn harvest operation for the 2013 season. We run John Deere S690 combines with custom-built 16-row, 15 inch corn heads. Our 1500 bushel grain cart makes unloading on-the-go efficient for our multiple harvester operation.

In the old days (and not so many years ago), cotton was picked from the stalk by hand. Mechanical pickers make quick work of the fields.

A.L. Baucom Family Farms grows cotton and processes it at Piedmont Cotton in Polkton, NC. Enjoy this video showing how cotton is processed at the gin.

Other equipment is used to pack the cotton into large modules that are sent to the gin for processing.

Soybeans are harvested in the fall of the year. A.L. Baucom Family Farms has three John Deere S690 combines with 40 foot wide heads.

A.L. Baucom Family Farms grows strawberries for Piedmont Produce. Strawberries are planted in the fall and are picked in the spring. Piedmont Produce sells buckets of strawberries both at the field where you pick your own and at the store at 4212 E. Hwy 218, Monroe, NC.

Drain tile is installed in fields to improve water handling. Fields that are too wet will not produce good crops. Watch this video of how drain tile is installed in this field.